Robots, Art, Offshore Finance, and Life 


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Robots, Art, Offshore Finance, and Life 

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Invention comes in a myriad of formats.  Perhaps in paint, or with lines of code, or with finding solutions to a financial  problem.  In reality, they are all one and the same.

Few people recognise that when they’re moved by a painting, they are moved by an artist’s ability to solve a problem that is often a long-standing, timeless one. For Cézanne, it was how to realise nature in paint. He didn’t sign 90 percent of his paintings, because he didn’t feel he had yet solved the problem. For Jackson Pollock it was shattering the conventions of Art and through his own herculean efforts championing abstract expressionism. Pollock stopped giving his paintings evocative titles and began instead to number them. This was explained as, "Numbers are neutral. They make people look at a painting for what it is—pure painting."

No one would ever think of a computer as a great artist, but one day that may well be the case.  A.I. is increasingly being used to create art and music independently from human input.

All these different works are solutions to problems.

For those people who find no differentiation amongst finding something new in paint or finding some exciting technology or finding innovative financial solutions .... WELCOME.

City Skyline - Offshore Financial Services
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Robots, Art, Offshore Finance, and Life - Welcome Page
Melange of Russian paintings
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