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2019, January 05

Robots, Art, Offshore Finance, Life - BLOG Sao Paulo Brazil

Multi coloured man - Mural on side of apartment block

Look for the Favelas!

Flying in to Sao Paulo, look out the plane window for the 30 minutes before touchdown, the vista gives an appreciation of the size of the city.  It is a vast sprawling metropolis; green parks, high rise towers and colourful favelas. About 12 million people live in the city and another 20 million in the surrounding metropolis.  It is a city of contrasts, the vast wealth represented by the helicopters constantly buzzing like swarms of flies and depressing poverty represented by the favelas, where the poorest 25% of the city reside.

6 Tips to make your stay more enjoyable

1. Forget public transport (unless you really want to travel like a sardine in a can); and take the taxis. They are cheap, reliable, safe and fast (they have access to the bus lanes).

2. On arrival at the airport, it can seem chaotic.  But overall the passport control and baggage handling are reasonably efficient.

3. With poverty comes crime. Avoid overt displays of wealth walking about the city.

4. Take a small umbrella. It rains ,,, often.  It can be torrential at times.  But the climate is temperate, always warm.

5. Eat like a local.  The food is surprisingly good and affordable. The portion sizes are rather generous, so look around at what other people are eating to get an idea.  And visit the juice stands. My two favourites are Acai (just amazing), and Maracuja (so delicious; fresh passion fruit).

6. Show a little respect.  The locals have a love / hate relationship with their city. And while they may openly criticise the traffic, the weather, the prices ... whatever; at they same time they take umbrage with foreigners voicing their complaints. 

Reflections on a Tower Block, Avenida Paulista

Modernistic phone booth opposite Museum of Art Avenida Paulista

Building reflections Avenida Paulista Sao Paulo
Mural of Man on side of apartment block in Sao Paulo
Ibirapuera Park Sao Paulo

Einstein on a Bike mural - Rua Oscar Freire

Ibirapuera Park Sao Paulo

"Gorilla" trapped in the Urban Jungle

Gorilla in the Urban Jungle - Sao Paulo
Einstein on a Bike mural - Rua Oscar Freire, São Paulo
"Shoe" Model - Photo shoot on Rua Oscar Freire São Paulo

"Shoe" Model Photo Shoot - Rua Oscar Freire

Things to know before visiting Sao Paulo.

Modernistic phone booth opposite Museum of Art Avenida Paulista

"Alternative" Photos of Sao Paulo