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Copenhagen has a well deserved reputation for being a liveable city; it is green, clean, chic, picturesque and full of architectural gems old and new.  

1. The food scene has a constantly changing and challenging gastronomical landscape.  The challenge is getting a table!  Make reservations well in advance of your trip.

2.  The most famous attraction is the Little Mermaid.  The emphasis is on the word "Little".  If this is something you have spent years looking forward to with anticipation, be prepared for disappointment.  Otherwise, maybe give it a miss.

3. Vist Strøget which is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe.  Make sure you have comfortable shoes (or buy a pair there)!

4. Be prepared to get lost.  Rent a bicycle or just walk the streets .... but be sure to watch out for the bicycles. Thousands of them.  So when crossing the street, make sure to take notice of the bicycles.

5. For outstanding street food, visit the Torvehallerne market to enjoy brunch.  Later in he day, start your evening at Papirøen  (Paper Island).Later in the evening head out to  Koedbyen where the bars are open very, very late!

6. The Danes are strict rule followers. If you jaywalk dont be surprised if you are admonished (in a very civil manner!).

7.All those tales you have heard about how expensive it can be in Copenhagen .... they are correct.  Budget accordingly.

Things to know before visiting Copenhagen.

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Another Day .... Another Meeting!

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Dawn from AC Hotel Bella Sky Breakfast Lounge

Dawn from AC Hotel Bella Sky Breakfast Lounge

Lego Star Wars Storm Trooper

Local Church

Business meeting in Copenhagen

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