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Things to know before visiting Trier.

Trier, on the banks of the Moselle river, is Germany's oldest city. It was founded as a Roman colony in 16 B.C. by Emperor Augustus. By the end of the 3rd century, Trier was known as the 'Second Rome'. It lies 10km from the border with Luxembourg and is ideal for a weekend stop if you have business in Luxembourg city (49km).

1. Fly to Luxembourg and drive or take one of the frequent trains or busses to Trier.

2. The most famous attraction is the 'Porta Nigra' (Black Gate). Founded in 180AD it is the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps and is included in the UNESCO lWorld Heritage List  

3. The best hotel for seeing the Porta Nigra is the Hotel Mercure (The photos of the Porta Nigra on this page were taken from the balcony of one of their rooms)

4. Trier is a great place to shop! Pedestrian walking on historic streets lined with interesting boutiques and outlets all with competitive pricing.  It is a shopping destination for Germans and Luxemburgers,  so expect it to be busy on Saturdays.

5. It is the birthplace of Karl Marx and as a consequence it is the most visited German city by Chinese Tourists (150k a year).

6. There are many great eating experiences in Trier.  If it is a pleasant evening walk the 2km (or take cab) to the river side and have a drink or a meal in tranquil surroundings.

Trier fountain
Trier Fountain (Detail)

'Porta Nigra' during the day (from room at Hotel Mercure)

Porta Nigra (Trier) during the day
Trier - shopping square
Porta Nigra (Trier) at night

'Porta Nigra' at night (from room at Hotel Mercure)

Jesuit Church entrance (Trier)