This is the use of different aspects of a number of given jurisdictions to form a whole solution. As much as fusion cuisine can create some extraordinary experiences for the palate by combining a variety of unlikely ingredients and styles of cooking, multi jurisdictional synergy principles are being applied to create some ingenious offshore structures.

Designer Offshore

Building a designer offshore structure begins with a question: What are the objectives? Not surprisingly, numerous clients are turning to OFFSHORE 4.0 in search of financial privacy and sometimes even financial anonymity. Taxation, which was once the main driving force in this market, has taken a second place today.

Financial Anonymity?

OFFSHORE 4.0 makes financial anonymity possible by constructing an entity (or entities) from a number of different aspects of relevant jurisdictions.  More obscure aspects relating to bank secrecy laws, practices and customs in offshore financial centres and fiscal "loopholes" can all be be amalgamated to construct a structure that meets the customers original objectives.

Key elements:

Which enable the derivation of such structures are:

  • Utilisation of differences in regulatory environments.  This is referred to as Regulatory Arbitrage.  The stated objectives will point to the elements required such as privacy, anonymity, and tax avoidance.
  • Obscure the purposes of the structure. The visible portion of the designed structure (the components open to scrutiny) should be formed in non-traditional offshore jurisdictions.
  • Flexible Structure.  The structure should permit flexibility to integrate any new regulatory opportunities that may arise.  This applies to regulatory changes which may affect the structure's primary purposes as well as those which enable the availability of improved conditions.

What are the challenges?

The following sub-pages will cover some perceived challenges in establishing an offshore presence such as "Know Your Customer" (KYC) due diligence; long term protection of offshore privacy; asset transfers; and financial surveillance.  They will then introduce some proposed solutions. 

The 15 pages of this Offshore thread will paint a picture of some of the pitfalls which need to be avoided and also touch upon other areas which need to be considered.  This is the tip of a very large iceberg.  If you want to hear about solutions, contact us to schedule a call, or discuss by email, so we can address your specific problems speedily and efficiently.

Designer Offshore! - Introduction 

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Robots, Art, Offshore Finance, and Life